Quantum Healer NYC

at the Edgar Cayce Center A.R.E. of New York, 153 W 27th St., 7th floor, NYC

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Aug 23 Endocrine System Quantum Sound Calibration Edgar Cayce NY

Each organ has a vibration of wellness. Come and experience balancing of the endocrine system through sound calibration. With the C-sharp crystal bowl targeting the adrenals as the foundation, Elizabeth adds sounds in the overtone series along with channeled melodies and light language from the higher dimensions. Elizabeth will share the current science supporting quantum and vibrational healing, drawing on Edgar Cayce’s reading that states that all healing is vibrational.  Be prepared to be transformed through the healing power of sound.  More information.

Toning the Chakras Sept. 17 2-5:30pm at Edgar Cayce NY— Learn Quantum Sound

Explore the fundamental energy system of the body–the Chakras–and generate healing sounds using your voice, inner resources, intention, and visualization. Learn toning techniques to access the Chakras, open and clear them to spin at optimum rates, resulting in a “Tune-up” for your energy systems. Deepen and enhance how you are grounded, connect with others, open your heart, speak your truth, see clearly with inner knowing, and connect with the Divine.

This is an express class in sound energy healing, culminating in Chanting the Divine Name. This sacred practice comes from Jonathan Goldman, International Sound Healers Association founder and director.

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Upcoming Workshops on Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy and Sound Vibration Healing in New York

Elizabeth Tomboulian