Toning the Chakras Sound Healing Workshop

The next workshop is Sunday, Feb. 12 at the Edgar Cayce NYC Center at 153 W. 27th St., Suite 702. Register by calling the center at (212) 691-7690. 

World Sound Healing Day Event 

Edgar Cayce NY Center Feb. 14, 7:30pm $30 (members 15% discount) All proceeds benefit the center. 153 W 27th St. Ste 702, (near 7th Ave.) Register by calling the center at (212) 691-7690. 

Ceremony to Heal the World

After a brief introduction into techniques of overtone singing and toning, join together with people all over the world who are singing with intention to bring healing to:
• those you know and love • those who are suffering
• those you are in conflict with • your own open heart
• your body, mind and spirit • the collective consciousness of the planet
• the waters of the Earth • the wellness of our Mother Earth
• any focus of your intention

No previous experience required. Active participation is optional. Attendees may wish to simply listen and receive. The universal nature of sound and the developments in scientific research into quantum physics, entrainment, cymatics, along with tenets found in scriptures of different world religions invite exploration into the power of sound. Just as water and wind create patterns on sand, so does sound create patterns of wellness in the human across dimensions.

Elizabeth is an expert and teacher of sound vibration healing workshops in New York at the Edgar Cayce in New York. Elizabeth has studied many methods of energy healing therapy, including Quantum Touch, Healing Touch, Reiki, and most often practices Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy, the most systematic of them all. She also uses toning to enhance the quantum healing. Schedule appointments in Phoenix now. There are plans to spread this vibrational healing practice to the community. Learn ways to explore sacred sound within yourself.

Call 201-679-5049 for an appointment.

Upcoming Workshops on Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy and Sound Vibration Healing in New York

Call:  201 679-5049

at the Edgar Cayce Center A.R.E. of New York, 153 W 27th St., 7th floor, NYC

Quantum Healer NYC

Elizabeth Tomboulian